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Enterprise culture

Qingdao CSD Auto and Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the business unit of chengda group that is focused on serving customers who make their living using used & brand new truck trailer and heavy duty trucks. Our customers appreciate the professional HJB team that listens to their needs and responds with products that get the job done! Dedicated manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest technologies serve our customers with in-house research and development, product design, engineering, materials specification, and durability testing (inside and outside). Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Heze,Shandong,China.

Chengda Group is the top 5 trailer manufacturer in China,producing a complete line of flatbed,low bed trailer,fuel tanker trailer,tipper trailer,dump truck,tractor truck markets.Manufacturing facilities are located in Heze,Shandong,China. Chengda Group supports the transportation industry worldwide with a wide range of high-quality products and services.